Understanding the use of SEO spiders

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You must be wondering what is SEO spiders. Search engine “spider” also known as a “crawler” is a software program that search engines (such as Google, Excite, Alta Vista, Lycos etc.)  use to find out whats out there on the web. A search engine spider is actually just a server based software application that is designed to compile and maintain search engine databases.The web is a huge place, so some one has to  travel  and see whats offered on it every second of every day, and the spider is it. If you have your own website, you should be aware of that search engine optimization is a must for increasing the page rank of your website.

Spider is the program that searched through the web and shows those sites that provide information and this process is known as web crawling. When a spider visits your web page, The first thing a spider does is look for a file called “robots.txt.” It is a special file that tells the spider what to index and what not to index.  The only way for a spider to see your information is to have a robots.txt file.

Search engines  have a URL submission form in which  will request to add your site to their index, this is a good idea to do in most cases When u submit the page to a particular search engine,immediately it is the task of a search engine spider to index the entire content of the site.  More and more links you have on your site will also improve rankings.

One of the latest trends is to keep your index pages lively by adding up to 50 to 70 new bytes of information regularly. This is because the Alta Vista pages love fresh content. This is what makes SEO techniques so interesting to follow.

Therefore, if you’re creating a website, you must first understand how the search engine spider software scans your website. You must always stay careful about the content of your website. Always make sure that the title of your site has enough relevance with the content within it. If it does not match, your website may be banned forever by Google. To avoid this, pay extra attention to your website, while creating it.

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