7 Tips That Will Make Your Hero Images Explosive

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Hero images are very attractive for websites. Currently every website has hero images. They immediately catch the users eye due to their size. Usually taking up the whole width of the page. Hero image need strong visual to give unforgettable first impress to your visitors/customers. Here are some tips to add here image to your website.

Pair Fonts that Complement the Hero Image

Pairing fonts is difficult. Because they need to work well together. Not only that but also they need to blend in with your hero image. Moreover, it should be appealing with your overall website. Alternating between display/serif and sans-serif fonts really sets the heading apart from the secondary text, but you should avoid making them clash.

As a rule, make sure your secondary text is modest in comparison to your main heading. People will still distinguish between the two because of the different styles of typography, but they awkwardly won’t clash with one another and the hero image.


Use Color to Create a Mood

In the modern web design industry color is essential to conveying your brand’s personality and creating a mood. without good color combination your website looks boring. You can use solid color or gradient color overlay on your image. Color instantly create desired mood.


Improve Text Readability

You can use image or only color in your hero image section. If you decided to use image, start off with a good visual, well composed and attractive image. But remember only attractive photo will not help to impress your visitors. You need to include some text on the image. Text laid over an image can be very hard to read, especially if the picture is busy or detailed. However, since the hero header is the first thing people see when they visit your site, you really NEED this text to be legible.


Don’t Place Text Over the Busy Parts of the Image

Your hero image should always have safe place for the typography to rest. Don’t place your text in the busiest area of the image, otherwise you run the risk of having the typography and the central focus of the hero uncomfortably cluttered together.


Vary Your Font Styles, Not Your Font Families

Don’t user more than 2 fonts if you care about your website loading time. Embedded fonts also increase your website loading time. Instead use different style like underline, bold and italic variation of the same font. This will help to distinguish one text block from another.


Make Hero Image Full-Screen

Full screen images are more eye catching and impress the visitors. Not only that, you can speak with your visitors very clearly with full screen images. Full screen image gives you more space for your text.


Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative


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