Tips to Get More Traffic To Your Blog

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tips to get more traffic to your blog

In today’s internet world there are millions of blog out there. Even more new blogs are creating every day. But not all the bloggers are getting success. Just having the good content is not enough to get readers to your blog. There are number of reason for not getting enough readers to their blog. It’s impossible to find a niche that it’s not getting crowded. But you can apply below tips and techniques to get more readers to your blog.

Producing Regular Content

If you have new blog you need to update your blog content in regular basis. But remember you don’t just publish the content. You have to make room in your daily schedule for tasks related to your blog: Writing new content at couple of times per week is one of them . but other tasks will come on top of producing content.
If you have an established blog that is already generating traffic you may  not may be able to keep this traffic even if they do not post so much new content. But update your old content relevant to current days. It will help for search engine recognized that the content is updated.

Building Social Audience

If you are building a social audience, your accounts need to be active all the time. New bloggers share their content once when they publish new content and in between the account will be silent. Please note it will not help to build your social audience.
Remember each social media platform works differently. For example In Twitter you can share same content same day in multiple time. FaceBook works differently. You should share only 1-2 times per day.
Not all your social audience are active every time. You can use some tools to understand your audience activity. Buffer is one of the useful tool to analysis the audience.

Visible Share Button

Make social share button easy to find. If you want at least some people from your audience to help you spread the word about your blog posts – you need to make it easy for them to share. You can place social share button on top or bottom of the page will be good idea.

Actively Doing SEO

Actively doing SEO starts with keyword research, and optimizing your post and website itself for SEO. There is a lot you need to do before you can even expect to get traffic from search. And none of the things you have to do to start doing SEO are extremely difficult or need some expert knowledge.
If you want to get traffic from search engines make sure you do your homework.

Importance of Marketing

Successful blogging does not come on its own, Its comes with marketing. So you need to be great marketer too. If you browse around the internet, you may notice that often the blogs with the biggest audience are not the ones that you like the best. But the blogs with the biggest audience have one thing in common: They have great marketing.

Content Distribution

Creating great content is one part of the blogging. Other part is distribution of blogging. If you have an idea what you are going to blog about, great. Now make a plan on how you are going to distribute your posts.

Finding Awesome Keywords

If you can master the art of finding awesome keywords for your business — you’ll not only benefit from more search engine traffic – but you’ll also know your customers better than your competition.
How to find awesome keywords
  1. Come up with a few keywords that potential customers might search for
  2. Plug those keywords into the Google Keyword Planner
  3. Pick a keyword based on gut feeling


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