Tips to Save Your Time on Social Media Marketing

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If you are a small business owner or marketer you probably have lots of tasks to do everyday. One of the reason you may busy whole day because you are switching multiple task. Add few changes in your social media marketing can help to improve efficiency reduce your time. That’s why we are come up with the list of tips and tricks when you do social media marketing. These tips will reduce your time on social media marketing.

Highest ROI Platform matter

In 2017 social media is one of the business activity. So Return Over Investment (ROI) is important. Use simple principle and decide where to spend your time. Some social media platform will work for you well and give you strong ROI Some are not worth your time. Focus the platform which is having strong ROI. How to analysis your performance? Here are some tips.
  • Compare conversion rate all of your social media platform
  • Compare side by side conversion rate and cost
  • Identify the social media channel which is having high conversion rate and high ROI
  • Increase your efforts on that particular channel

This simple steps will save your time.

Use Social Media Management Tools

Most of the digital marketers nowadays use social media management tools. It will save more of your time. If you are not using yet it’s time to start. Most of these tools have free version you can try and select some tools, which are work for you. Here I have listed some tools

Reuse Old Posts Again

If you had great engagement from a social media post in the past, use it again. You’re probably thinking, “Won’t this annoy people?” Probably not. The half-life of tweet isn’t very long, so if you’re posting the same tweet twice in a week, month, or even a day, it probably doesn’t matter much. Even if others retweet you, the duration is not very long.

Use Single Tool

If you are using multiple tools to post your content, you are doing it wrong. Stick to one tool which is more comfortable for you. In one click you can post to multiple social media platform. This way you can save your time and effort.

Use Infographics

Consider creating infographics when you do social media marketing. Digital audiences love infographics. They’re able to highlight a large amount of information in one picture. Not only that, infographics can be shared easily through just about any social media platform

Schedule the Content

Key to success your social media marketing is to schedule the content.when you create the system that are organized, repeatable and habitual ways of doing something you can be more productive in less time. Buffer is good example to schedule the time to post your content. You can use buffer extension to save content for your social media post.

Outsource Work

Outsourcing is not an easy task to do if you are a small business owner. But when you break down a task into its component parts, it becomes easier to understand what exactly can be outsourced. So it’s easy to decide which part you can outsource within your budget.
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