Social Media Marketing Strategies and Techniques

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Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media is becoming bigger and bigger. Every company adopting social media marketing for their business. Even small start-up started to market their business or service in social media platform.

But remember that every platform is working differently. So you need to explore several strategies and tactics when you use social media website to market your business.

Respond Quickly

Nowadays customer service is very important. Mostly clients are expecting immediate response. So when you need to do social media marketing you should active in the platform. When your client responds your post reply immediately. So it will make them trust on your service. If your response time is delay, they will look for your competitors to seek answers and engage with them. This means you are losing one of your potential customers. Try to engage with clients with Live chat

Remember, response to your visitors in a good time manner not only build your good reputation in your circle, but also increase your chances to turn a potential customer into a sale.


Build Trust

In Social media marketing building the trust is not easy. But it’s not impossible. Sometimes you provided best product or service but still you will see negative comments on your social media sites.

Always remember that you cannot satisfy all the customers. But you can improve the customer satisfaction.

You can simply remove the negative comments. But it’s not advisable. So don’t do that. Remove the negative comments will destroy your trust in the Social media community. They simply think that you are trying to hide something bad which is probably a misunderstanding from others.

Instead of deleting these negative comments, you get a chance to respond openly. It is like you are sending a message to tell the public that you are actively working on it to solve the problem and most importantly, that you are honest and trustworthy.


Create Positive Emotional Connection

In current business world, all most every product and service is easily accessible. So selling is a gradual process. Marketers need create a positive emotional connection with potential customer and encourage them to buy from you.

Social media is the most powerful tool for marketers to establish such passionate connection with their audience. By telling personal stories, company’s history or creating other interesting contents and product reviews on various social media sites, marketers are shortening the distance with their audience psychologically.

As a result, a sale may happen among people who already know you and already have some relations with you.


Target Your Audiences

As I said earlier every platform is working differently. So Reaching your target audiences is not hard. But you need to understand the platform to reach your target audience effectively.

Example, Facebook has adults and young people. So if you are marketing consumer product or service go with it; LinkedIn and Twitter normally target business audience; Instagram is likely to have an audience looking for involving visual content.

It’s important to identify the platforms that are most likely to reach your main market segments and pay attention to your followers on each platform, then publish content to appeal to them accordingly.


Establish a Social Media Budget.

Allocating the budget for your social media marketing is the way to success. Social media is used on a much more personal level; you will also find that it is a place where you can make a much deeper personal connection with your customers. So you can target your potential customer with personal care. Not only this, leveraging that budget with the right strategy will be the most cost-effective way for you to reach your chosen target audience.

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