SEO Tips You Must Know Right Now

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When it comes to SEO, there’s obviously a lot of rise and fall in the industry, and not just from search engines, but also from the way people themselves search for and consume information. Below I have listed tips to consider.

Pay Attention to Top Keyword Activity

You should keep an eye on keyword activity. Pay attention on keyword, and corresponding content, that has changed in rank the most over the past few weeks. Watch both the top positive keyword activity and declining keyword activity for my the content because it tells not only when we’re hitting the right content and keyword combinations, but it also alerts to shifts in audience needs and interests.

Keep an Eye on Competitor Social Signals at The Content Level

Social signals are the excellent way to research what’s organically popular and relevant to your audience at the moment. While everyone pay attention to their brand’s social signals, watching your competitor’s social engagement is also important. By viewing a list of their content sorted by top performing social signals, you can see what your audience finds relevant for the same keywords you’re tracking and see where you might have gaps in your own site content.

Competitor Discovery

You already know your competitor in the market  and you’re probably doing some checking in on them.But think in other way round that new brands that are starting to take traffic from you, or existing brands that may have shifted focus and are gaining your audience’s attention? Keeping a regular eye out for who is starting to rank for your targeted keywords and looking at the corresponding content can help you catch and strategize against changes in traffic before you lose position and visits.

Guest Post is Still Strong

With the backlash around gest posting a while back, many content marketers were skittish when it came to creating guest posts. There’s nothing to be afraid of. As long as you’re writing great stuff for great websites, guest posting is still a very good idea.

Content is the King

Regardless of your favorite SEO technique, one thing remains supremely true. Content is far and away the best and most reliable SEO methodology of all time. Content in all its various forms is what users want and need. Content is what the search engines reward. The web today is all about content – video, social, infographic, webinar, articles, etc. Become a more effective content marketer, and you will win at SEO. It’s that simple.

Improve Older Content

One of the most frequently missed opportunities is reviewing your older content to see what could be improve using new information, updated SEO practices, and current content to give it new life. Most of us have lots of potentially evergreen pages out there that could increase in rank with just a little time often less time than creating new content. We’re often focused on driving traffic to the latest campaign and features, so it’s easy to overlook or de-prioritize these supporting pages. Don’t overlook these opportunities already on your site – they can be great “bread and butter” places for your audiences to find you and may even open up new audiences with a bit of a refresh.

Mobile Friendly Matters

Everyone knows that the Mobile friendly matters. Sites that have not yet adapted to the mobile milieu are going to fade into oblivion. You must ensure that your entire digital presence is mobile optimized — responsive website, mobile-friendly checkout, and everything else mobile.
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