SEO Tips and Tricks

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The first Question you should answer “Who is your Audences?” Find out some demographics – they will impact the degree of design sophistication, colours, font size, etc. For example, a website for kids will have a very different look compared to a website for financial planners and a Design is better for the technically sound user might not better for the non-technical user.

Secondly you should Answer What are their goals in coming to your website? Are they looking for information, tools, news, transactions, media browsing; the visual structure of the website will look different for each of these categories.

Third think you should consider the Web site Clearity. Let the user see clearly what’s available.  if they can’t find it, they’ll leave your website Immediately.This principle applies very strongly to landing pages and conversion pages.

If we do not desire to overwhelm the user with too much information, there are various options for stacking the information in a logical manner:

Then you should consider the site  Nevigation. Because If it is difficult to get from one Page  to another, then your users will quickly become frustrated and give up.

Users should always be able to work out where they are on a site.
You can achieve a good result through highlighted menu items, breadcrumb, and headings. Being able to orient yourself on a site is key to making it understandable and usable.

Navigation should remain consistent
A site’s navigation is one of the most important tools visitors use to understand a site.

There are lots of other conventions and ideas about what makes a good navigation/orientation – but everything else is subordinate to those  rules.

Last but not least Be prepared to hold the line. When you are designing the website you will discover that your stakeholders often have some unusual ideas. You should definitely listen to these ideas but you also need to make your stakeholders aware of your standards and the need to conform to’s always important to remember that users come first. If you want a successful site you have to negotiate your own plans with your stakeholders needs in such a way that the users are happy and find what they need. This is why one of the first things you do in planning a website is to figure out who the target audience is.

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