8 Effective Ways to Retain Customers and Keep Them Happy

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Finding new customers cost more time than to retain a current customers. Some time small changes have big impact on how customer recognize quality of your service. Today post we are listing 8 Effective ways to retain customers and keep them happy.

Call Regularly and Update the Status

Customer service more important to retain your customer. Friendly communication changes the customer satisfaction. So schedule regular call with your customers to share update about the project or product current status and ask customer feedback about your services. It will help to improve your service and not only that but also it will retain customers with you for your friendly approach.

Treat your Customers Genuinely

Word of mouth influence your business. Happy customers tell about your service to their friends about their experience with you. So don’t do faceless business. Genuinely interact with your customers as a representing person in the business. Because when it comes to customer service on social media in is noticeable. Ensure all customer concerns are answers in timely and friendly manner.

Show Customer Appreciation

Appreciation always welcome by people. Same in business too. Customer appreciation is a way to show your client that you care about them. When you show the appreciation, customers are more likely to be loyal.
Create customer loyalty program is one way to show the appreciation.  Here are some common customer loyalty programs for SaaS companies:
  • Offer annual discount
  • Offer customers small, incremental discounts the longer they stay with you
  • Surprise customer with new free features, upgrades, or random rewards
And here are some common customer loyalty programs for ecommerce companies:
  • Provide them with exclusive deals on products
  • Offer free shipping on certain products
  • Customer rewards programs

Work on Customer Feedback

Most of the business have customer feedback form. They take customer feedback and then forget about it. Don’t practice in way. Once receive customer feedback review carefully and consider how to to apply that feedback to improve your product or services. Of course you can’t act on all the feedback. But most important is to look at the feedback and get general idea what commonly customers are asking from you. It will give an impact that you care their feedback and working on it.

Share new market insights

Always share new content. Gather valuable content and share with your clients. It will shows that you are top of your game and improves brand awareness. If it’s valuable and related with your customers they will also share your content or recommend your service to their connections.

Become an Authority in Your Field.

Your should always strive to be the best company in your market. If people see your business as a leading brand in the market, they are much more likely to stick to you. They have confidence in you because the consensus confirms that they already have one of the best providers.

Be Realistic. Under Promise and Over Deliver

Under promise and over deliver is better than over promise and under deliver. If your clients are unhappy they will share with more people while satisfied clients share their experience with less people. One way to handle and avoid this situation is to set realistic deliverable. Tell to clients upfront and go with the clients who are happy with your proposal.

Transparent About Your Mistakes

Mistakes are unavoidable. State clearly what you do about the mistake and how you deliver the services. Be transparent with your client and inform them what they can expect from you. Customer loyalty increases based on how mistakes handled by you. Studies show that up to 70 percent of unhappy customers transform into loyal customers if the mistake has been fixed exceeding their expectations.
Customer retention is an essential part of a service business model because existing customers are easier to upsell and more profitable than constantly acquiring new customers while having a high turnover.
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