Why Photoshop is Essential for Digital Marketing

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Most of us are visual. We will click on an image or look at an image before being snagged by clever text. A Photoshop service is essential if you want your products to sell. Digital marketing is tough because we have such short attention spans which is why images are key. A good image gets you clicks, and it gets you clients.

Image Placement

A Photoshop service can put your product in the ideal location. Whether that’s having your sunscreen peeking out of the sand on beautiful beach (even if your company is located in land) or having your cooking utensils in a magazine worthy kitchen being able to place your product into an image which gives the customer their dream is everything. The way marketing works is that your clients need to be able to picture themselves with your product, preferably in an ideal world, so you need to create this with Photoshop if you can’t do it in real life. The same goes with adding text to images when needed because otherwise you have to contract out for what is a simple task.


Image Editing

Is your image good enough? Good photos are key and while many choose to save money and edit themselves this is often the number one reason their images don’t look good. A professional Photoshop service guarantees you good images. You CANNOT have good images without editing. Even if your SOOC is good it could be better and those little tweaks are part of what makes that image grab someone’s attention where another doesn’t. This is especially important for social media because each site has a different requirement for image uploads.


If you’re a marketer, offering a Photoshop service to your clients is an extra hat. Most people do not want to go to multiple services to get their work done, they would rather hand it off to one person and then get the finished product back. If you’re providing marketing it doesn’t take much to work with a photo editing service to get client’s images edited too. It saves them time and makes your service that much more attractive. It’s a win-win situation for both sides as you’ll get more clients and your clients will have the option of more services to save them time.


Financial Opportunity

Photographers are often small businesses and they want cost effective services. A Photoshop service isn’t an expensive addition and most photographers do choose to outsource. Rather than outsourcing twice by allowing them to use only your service for both their marketing and their editing you can give them a more attractive deal. The idea is to create value, and it increases your value when you have more skills so you can charge more and therefore make more profit.



Clients want their pictures fast. We live in a world of instant gratification and having to send images back and forth between many services takes time. A Photoshop services with a fast turnaround can get images back within 24 hours, often much faster than the photographer themselves would be able to do. This means you potentially can have their images uploaded and live within 36 depending on the site and process. That is a very attractive number and it’s one that many will pay for when considering it might be weeks before they can get their own images edited, back and then sent to you as a marketer.


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