Best Marketing Strategies for Small Business to Compete with Larger Competitor

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When your vision is large and budget is small you will easily give up your vision and say that you can compete with the big guys. But you should remember that all the big players are in the market now, were small once. Just because you don’t have the same resources, it doesn’t mean that your small business can’t learn from the big players and apply their tactics in your marketing. Learn from their mistakes and keep a close eye on their successes. Don’t worry about the budget. User these marketing strategies your small business and adopt today.

Cross-sell your products

If you are running e-commerce business. Every time your visitors check a product show them the product which they bought together with the one they are looking at now. Always show them related product on the page. Make sure those products are really similar and fall into same category. Only then you will improve customer experience in your website.


Keep eye on major events and holidays

Always looking for an big event or important holidays. If it fall in your related business use them immediately. For example in summer holidays or school holidays there are lots of events take place so orient a part of your marketing effort around them and you’re bound to encourage engagement with your brand.


Involve visitors with emotion messages

Take a look at any major eCommerce platform. What instantly pops out is simple, emotion-evoking messaging that is perfectly integrated with their products or services. Instead of relying on stock photos and dry messages, invest in quality imagery and copy-writing to stand out and truly connect with your customers.

Don’t bombard visitors with information. always offer a simple message and a selection of captivating images to draw people in and maintain their interest in your offer.


Invest in re-marketing

Most of the e-commerce business are having issues that there are lot of visitors visit the website and browse the product but purchase will not happen. Target those visitors are re-market your product and encourage them to complete their purchase. Re-marketing is a powerful strategy. Do it with smart and well-targeted ads – that’s how you’ll transform bounced visitors into leads, increasing repeat visitor rates and brand recall.


Enable reviews

Always allow customers to communicate with you. One of the way to review and rate your product. Big brands put in a lot of effort to encourage customers to leave reviews and rate their products. Most of the customers buy product with recommendations from previous buyers, friends or families.

Showcase real customer reviews on your website and your product will instantly look much more reliable, boosting your sales and brand image.


Offer excellent customer service

If you take a closer look at the biggest brands, you’ll notice that customers are inspired to express their love for their products on social media channels. Bring your customer service to your most prominent social media channels. When followers ask you a question, be there to instantly respond and direct them to the right resource. You’ll boost the online engagement with your products and show the human face behind your brand.

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