How to Make a Romantic Photo Collage for Your Significant Other

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how to make photo collage

Organizing surprises and giving presents to significant others always brings up a precious smile on their faces. The more time and effort you put into the present, the more it shows how dedicated you are to the relationship. But, a unique and a custom-made gift always outweigh the one purchased at a gift shop or any other shop.

Did you know that you can make wonderful collages out of your old images? These custom made collages with love motives can be a perfect gift for an anniversary or some other special occasion. This is why we have decided to provide you with some tips on how to make a romantic collage out of your digital mementos to surprise your loved one.

Choosing Photos

Before you start making that wonderful collage, you will have to choose photos for it. As photos stand for stored memories of the distant, or no so distant, past you will have to pick the suitable ones carefully for the occasion at hand. The general advice is to pick the ones taken when both of you felt happy. Dig into the pile of those travel photos, if you have some. That is usually the place where you can find romantic photos.
Here are some ideas: the first image of you that I saw, our first Valentine’s Day, New Year, Anniversary, road trip, vacation, etc. You get where I am going.

Make the Romantic Collage from the Scraps

Making a romantic collage from scraps requires you to know how to use Photoshop. In Photoshop, you can make the unique and amazing-looking collages out of those old digital mementos you have be holding onto for a long time. The simplest rectangular layout collages are very simple and easy to make. You will only need to create a rectangular layout, add the desired image spacing, merge all layouts into one, crop the image and voila, you got yourself a collage.
But when romance and creativity come into the equation, you will need a more diverse Photoshop skill set. Also, there may be some images that have to be fixed, before you can use them in the collage. Otherwise, when you get your collage printed, it may not look as beautiful as on your screen. Fortunately, there are professionals out there who offer Photoshop services at a very reasonable price.
Here are some tips to help you decide which expert to go with to make your romantic photo collage:
  • Check with them if they have previous experience in making custom romantic photo collages;
  • Make sure that they have previously done photo restoration if you have an old image that you want to use for the collage;
  • Read reviews about their Photoshop services;
  • Visit their official website and read a list of Photoshop services they offer for the clients. A long list means that they have experienced people in their ranks.


Use Some of the Existing Collage Apps

There are dozens of collage apps available for all major OS platforms at your disposal. There are even some available for smartphones. The photo frames and filters they offer can easily help you make a romantic collage in no time. Here are some of them based on popularity.

This app is a good choice because it comes with dozens of filters and photo editing options. You can also put customizable text labels on your photo collages if you plan to write something inspirational.
This app comes with a variety of free template options for your collage. You won’t have to install anything on your computer since this is a web-based app. You can also add text, and you will have access to various fonts and effects.
This is a free, web-based app. The Picture2Life app has a very simple user interface which is very user-friendly. And this can help you a great deal in case you are unfamiliar with photo editing software. You can make amazing retro and minimalist romantic photo collages with this app.
Another free app that offers its users the ability to create fully customizable photo collages. You have two options; you can use templates or create your free-form collage. If you and your significant other were active on social media, you could use this software to make a collage out of your profile pages.
This is a great web-based collage maker app; don’t let the advanced features of this app discourage you. You will be able to make amazing collages in it. You can make four types of photo collages: funky collage, template collage, photomontage and photo slicing. Use retro filters, add heart shapes and write something lovely.
This is also a web based app. Once you enter this website, you can choose a photo editor that contains collage maker features. There are a lot of options which you can use to customize hundreds of layouts completely at your disposal. Other features will allow you to add various stickers to the collage and write lovely text labels.
If you don’t have any experience in photo editing, this app is the right choice for you. It is completely automated. You just choose the layout and shape, click on the photos you want to use and this software will automatically generate the collage for you. Repeat this step several times until you are satisfied with the results.
As you can see, there are a lot of options for you to create a romantic photo collage out of the shots you have taken over time. Some of these options do not require expert photo manipulation skills except some creativity, while some do require a bit of skill regarding using photo editing software. As now you know that what you have to do to get those images in one folder, start making those romantic collages.
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