How to Make Your Facebook Ads for Leads

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most demanding social network right now. With 2.2 billion active users it’s still growing. Facebook ads is one of the best strategies right now for growing a home business online. But many people say that Facebook ROI (Return over investment) is low. But the real issue is many people do not know what to do to make the ads work for them.

You need strategy to acquire clicks, leads, team members and customers. In this article, I’m going to outline simple strategies that will help to make your Facebook ads work for you.

The Image Ad

Let’s see image ads. There are 3 main parts when we talk about image ads.

  • Image
  • Add copy
  • Add description

Most of the Facebook ads you see in your timelines are image ads. In Facebook ad image is the most important part, because first you see the image in your news feed. If the image is not interesting, probably you will not click on the image.

Your Ad copy is the text you write above the image. This ad copy need to convince people to click your ads. So make sure it should be simple and convey your message to encourages people to click.

Your headline/description is located below your image. The headline is in bold, followed by a few lines (description) that gives a little more detail about what you are advertising.


Image Ad to A Blog Post

People are visiting Facebook mostly for entertainment and good content to read. If the click takes them to your blog post it can be prospect click for your ad. When you provide content, your Ad looks like it belongs there….it doesn’t look like an Ad. This is called Native Advertising.

When you start your Facebook ad, we recommend to do blog post ads. Because its leads with content.


The Video Ad

Video Ads have the same basic structure as Image Ads, except the image is replaced by a video. The cool thing about doing video Ads is that it is typically cheaper than Image Ads.

Remember, every social media platform is make sure their users get best experience. So when you post a video, they reward you by giving your video more reach.

For example, if you spent $5 per day on an image Ad and $5 per day on a video Ad, you expect the video Ad to reach more people. But if video ads are cheaper then why not everyone not using video ads. Because of Fear. But remember both Image and Video Ads work. But keep in mind the improved reach you get with video Ads, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


Video Ad to A Blog Post

The intention here is simply to point people to your blog post that will provide the content. So it is a very short teaser video (60 – 90 seconds). This type of video is all about creating curiosity and piquing interest. You want to give a call-to-action within the first 7 seconds of this type of video, and then tease people about what your blog post is about.


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