20 Free Responsive jQuery Gallery and Image Slider Plugins

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image slider plugins

jQuery Gallery and Image Slider plugins are now become very popular and  thousand of blogs and websites are using them for their needs. Websites are presentations of images to tell a story and to add to this it is very important to display images slideshow or gallery. If you need image gallery solution you don’t want to spend time to creating one from scratch. Today post we have collected 20 jQuery Gallery and Image Slider Plugins to make your life easier.


S3Slider jQuery plugin is made with three different features and displaying sides. You can easily adjust the size of the slider and  delay the change speed.

Camera slideshow

Camera slideshow jQuery plugin currently available as a WordPress plugin also.
You can easily implement HTML objects, videos, and captions. One downside is that this slideshow is based on a project called Diapo, that is no longer supported. But still, it has been tested on all major browsers.

Sequence JS

Sequence JS is a JavaScript slideshow based on a CSS framework. It’s meant to be used for creating sliders, banners, presentations and other step-based applications.
If free pre-built themes aren’t enough for you, check out their own theme shop. You can also simply order your custom-made theme. But as I look at it, you really do get all you need in the free version, plus there are quite a bit free themes available.

Slides js

Slide JS jQuery plugin is responsive, has touch support, easy setup, and CSS3 transitions. It’s great to be displayed as a starting page of your website, and it is free.

Slideshow 2

Slideshow 2 is a JavaScript class for Mootools 1.2 to stream and animate the presentation of images on your website. You can visit the website and check the full features
Galleria is a JavaScript Image Gallery. It’s built so that it simplifies your process of creating a beautiful image gallery. It’s easy to use and you need minimum programming knowledge to use it.
Galleria has a lot of great tools, which you can use to create your own image gallery.
However, if you want to get any of Galleria other designs, you will need to pay for them, find more on their store.

Pretty Photo

Pretty Photo is a jQuery Lightbox clone. Pretty similar to original Lightbox with few added features and full documentation. It is easy to setup and very flexible.
It’s supports videos, Ajax, and iframes. It can be used for single photos or galleries. Galleries can also have mixed content. It is very suitable for different types of blogs.

Unite Gallery

Unite Gallery is a modern gallery that uses jQuery. It is modular designed, with customization in mind. You can also create your own theme with ease.
This gallery is fully responsive and offers 9 different skins. You can download it for WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart and Joomla.
This gallery is suitable for photography showcases or Restaurant menus. It is free to use, as it is released under the MIT license. All in all, it’s a great addition to the image-packed websites

Polaroid Gallery

Polaroid gallery is available as a jQuery plugin. It takes the vintage look of Polaroid pictures to the next level. Strengths of Polaroid Gallery include that it is designed with responsive and flat design in mind. Polaroid Gallery also offers shuffle transition and content holders if you need it. The images can flip and show the back as well.
This gallery is a good choice for travelers or bloggers who want to show off their last adventure.

Wow Slider

Wow slider offers a drag and drop menu, that you use to create an image slider for your website. In the core Wow slider is a jQuery image slider, but it can also operate without jQuery. It can be as light as you want it to be.
The drag and drop creator can generate using an HTML page, or WordPress or Joomla plugin.

Fotorama Image Slider

Fotorama image slider is simple but at the same time very powerful. You can use it for jQuery or for WordPress and Ruby on Rails . It is a simple way to show your pictures or images, but powerful enough to blow you away and most importantly It’s free to use.

Rhino Slider

RhinoSlider is a jQuery slider that comes with the possibility of customising your version before downloading. This can significantly decrease time spent on setting it up. You can of course download the whole package, but I think the best way is to use the generator.
You can set it on auto-play or make it stop on hover. Captions are also available and are customisable.

Un Slider

Unslider is a very simple slider that is based on jQuery. It’s very small but powerful. You can change everything, so it works and feels like you want.
Unslider is really the simplest slider. You really don’t have to be an expert to use this one. Just add a few lines of code, put in images and you have a slick slider for your website or blog.

Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery and CSS3

Fullscreen Slit Slider is a jQuery plugin and uses CCS3 animations. Slider can stretch across the whole viewport or be used as slider inside of other context.
Fullscreen Slit Slider is fully responsive and has some unique split screen transitions. With captions it is a great way of representing your cause to the visitors.

Pgw Slider

Pgw slider is a SEO friendly jQuery slider, that is designed for showcasing your images. This slider is fully responsive. It is lightweight and all-browser compatible.
This slider is very suitable for news or blogging websites as it can show your most recent post or articles.


Gridder is an awesome slider for showcasing your work. Gridder kind of mimics Google image search. To view the larger picture you click on a thumbnail and it expands. This is a great way to show a large number of images at the same time.
Gridder is available as a jQuery or Ajax thumbnail previewer. It is an awesome free solution for your next portfolio project.

Multimedia Portfolio 2

Multimedia Portfolio 2 is a jQuery plugin that can automatically detect the extension of each media file and apply the appropriate player. It supports images and videos. Multimedia Portfolio uses simple HTML markup and it’s easy to use.
This slider is best suitable for showcasing products, services, and even news.

Simple Multi-Item Slider

This gallery is also a tutorial on how to create it on your own. Multi item jQuery gallery was inspired by Apple slider, that shows multiple products at once. It’s fully responsive with a flat design with a variety of effects.
Multi item jQuery gallery is very suitable for online stores for showcasing their products. It comes with simple navigation, as seen in the screenshot. The navigation is intuitive for changing between a variety of categories.

CSS Image slider with 3-D transitions

CSS image slider is an experimental project that also includes a full tutorial. For animation purposes it uses CSS and CSS3 techniques with the addition of 3-D effects on transitions. Intended usage is strictly as an image slider.
CSS image slider can be used for product and service showcasing. In my opinion it could do well also as an image slider in a full width article.

CSS3 Animated Image Gallery

CSS3 animated image gallery uses CSS3 and HTML5 to render effects. The images zoom in when you hover over them. This enables a more detailed look. If you are interested, you can take a look at the tutorial and create it yourself. Otherwise you can just download the source code.
CSS3 animated image gallery it’s suitable for photography showcases.
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