jQuery Animation Library and Plugins

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jQuery Animation Library

In the internet world animated websites are growing fast. Animations make the web dynamic and interactive. In many ways, they add to the users’ attention span when interacting with your web content. Creating animated elements and other web-design-related interfaces from scratch can prove to be difficult, even painful. With these jQuery Animation Library and Plugins, you can develop and integrate the animation in your website easily.


Sequence.js is a JavaScript library that provides a responsive CSS framework for creating unique sliders, presentations, banners, and other step-based applications.



When applying effects to text on the web, designers have traditionally been constrained to those provided by CSS. In the majority of cases this is entirely suitable – text is text right? Yet still, there exist numerous examples of designers combining CSS properties or gifs and images to create effects that evoke something more playful. Precisely here, Blotter exists to provide an alternative.


Animated Fragment Slideshow

Animated Fragment Slideshow is powered by pieces library which was created for achieving interesting effects easily. Each element of the slider will be divided into pieces that will animate in different ways using anime.js


Scrolling Letters Animation

Scrolling Letters Animation which switch the title with animation. The fixed text will change with an animation depending on the scroll position.


Animating Elements Along SVG Paths

Animating Elements Along SVG Paths move the elements from one position to another using path library.


Creative Splash Transition with CSS and SVG

Creative Splash Transition with CSS and SVG just using SVG paths and CSS transitions. The entire image black background is composed by SVG paths that you can animate to achieve an effect.


Build an Elastic Range Input with SVG and anime.js

When HTML5 things improved a lot there are new types of input appeared, such as color, date and range, among many others. This Elastic Range Input with SVG and anime.js will more appealing and fun looking.

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