How to Design a Single Page Website Using CSS3 and jQuery

Single page websites are the best and faster way to give the content to your visitors. But it is not possible and suitable for every person and business. A good candidate for a one-page website is not super-heavy on content. Most popular one page website is personal portfolio websites to market you and your business. Today I will show you how to design a single page website using CSS3 and jQuery.


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How to Create Gradient and Shadow Effect in HTML5 Canvas

The HTML5 specification includes lots of new features, one of the feature is canvas element, it is programmatically draw graphs, charts, animations and other sort of graphics. canvas gives you an easy and powerful way to draw graphics using JavaScript. In this post I will show you how to create gradient effect and shadow effect.


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Navigate Drag and Drop Support on HTML5

Let the users to do drag and drop interface elements, we’ve been able to do with JavaScript libraries for quite a while, but the W3C has adopted Microsoft’s Drag and Drop implementation as part of the HTML5 specification. It's supported by most of the browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.


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How to Save Preferences with localStorage

The localStorage mechanism provides a very simple method for developers to persist data on the client’s machine. The localStorage mechanism is simply a value store built in to the web browser. Information stored in localStorage persists between browser sessions and can’t be read by other websites, because it’s restricted to the domain you’re currently visiting. Today  I will show you how to save preference with localStorage.


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Create a HTML5 and CSS3 Layout From Scratch

Web development is an area you need to keep up to date. Most of you all know HTML5 is creating a big change on the Internet. With HTML5 and css3 combination you make a good website. Today we are going to make HTML5 web layout with using some of the css3 features from scratch.


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HTML5 Canvas Graph with RGraph Graph Library

There are lots of ways to draw graphs on a web page. Usually we use Flash for graphs all the time, but that has the limitation of not working on some mobile devices like the iPad or iPhone. There are server-side solutions that work well, but those might be too processor-intensive if you're working with real-time data.


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Drawing on the Canvas

HTML5 canvas element lets developers create images and animations in the browser using JavaScript. We can use the canvas to create simple or complex shapes without resorting to server-side libraries, Flash, or other plug-ins. In this tutorial we will see how to access the canvas element,  draw basic Shapes and change colors.



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How to Use Navigation Hints with ARIA Roles in HTML5

Most of the website structure is Header, navigation, section main content and footer. Unfortunately, the screen reader may have to read the site to its user in that order. Since most sites repeat the same header and navigation on each page, the user will have to hear these elements each time they visit another page.

HTML5 interduce a new role attribute. This lets us assign a 'responsibility' to each element on your page. Then the screen reader can very easily parse the page and categorize all of those responsibilities, so that you can create a simple index for the page.


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Creating User Friendly Web Form with HTML5

You probably designed a complicated user interface and you know that the basic HTML is limited. You may stuck using text fields, select menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, and so on. In this tutorial I will show you how to build a user friendly web form using some new  form types and we'll also implement auto focusing and placeholder text in HTML5.


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Google Chrome Extensions Web Developer Should Know

Google chrome web browser is growing fast in web browser family. It is producing more useful extensions. Many of these extensions can help in your web delopment work and enable your life more easier and faster. Today we are going to see some extensions a web developer should know.


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New HTML 5 Tags To Familiarize Yourself

It is expected to find new elements and additions to any upgraded version IT Industry. The same holds true for HTML 5 as there are a number of new HTML 5 tags you will find. The latest version improves interoperability while reducing the development costs simply by making precise rules on how to handle all of the HTML elements.


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