12 Javascript Charting Libraries To Build Interactive Charts

Unorganized data is going to be difficult to understand. Without graphs and charts dashboards are incomplete. If you want to show statics and data in the dashboard you need charts. They present complex statistics quickly and effectively. Moreover, a good graph also enhances the overall design of your website. In this article, I will show you some of the best JavaScript libraries for graphs / charts. These libraries will help you create beautiful and customizable charts for your future projects.


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PSD To HTML Services and Tools To Code Your Designs

Responsive user-friendly website is important in the present internet world. Convert design to code is not an easy task and need lot of best practice experience But there are few highly-regarded companies that will do your PSD to HTML conversions. Most of the services offer PSD to Responsive conversion services, in keeping with the growing number of mobile users. Today we want to showcase services and tools that offer reasonable, and professional conversion services to you.


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15 Top Notch jQuery Plugins To Make Your Next Project Smart

JQuery is generally a fast java script library containing many features in it. Web design is now faster, easier; all this is because of development of jquery. JQuery is in almost every modern website and there’s a good reason for that. jQuery plugins are used by web designers to give a smoother experience to websites’ visitors. If you are jQuery lover and looking for some useful and handy jQuery plugins then you are at right place. We are back with the first roundup of 2015 for jQuery Lovers.


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6 Reasons to Choose Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap stands as one of the most popular open source front-end frameworks on the Web. Since its official release in 2011, it has undergone several changes, and it’s now one of the most stable and responsive framework for front-end development for a while now. It is the latest innovation to hit the design and development arena. Web developers can now make some quick templates for a website or app in a couple of days, without having to worry about getting involved in interface or app design. It provides a faster, easier, and less repetitive solution to presentation, which will no doubt appeal to any leave of web/app developer. Today’s websites should be modern, sleek, responsive, and mobile first. Bootstrap helps us to achieve these goals with minimum fuss. Here are the top five reasons why you should use Twitter bootstrap.


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7 Essential Concepts and Sketching Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Wouldn’t it be nice to step away from the computer screen every now and then, get out and about a bit without a laptop, but still be able to get some work done?. This is possible with tablets, from Apple’s iPad to the higher-end Android tablets. Web designers and developers have several tools at their disposal when working from a tablet. How about using iPad to create awesome sketches and paintings, wouldn't that be awesome? Well, I have listed of some excellent iPad and android apps that can allow you to tap into the artistic capabilities of iPad.
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Top 10 Responsive Web Design Tools for Web Designers to Get Started

Responsive tool

Nowadays all of your client request to design the website with responsive layout. As the mobile market continues to web designers also need to adapt to responsive web design. In this post I have listed 10 tools to help layout, design, and plan a responsive website.


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Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups - What to Choose?

In Facebook, the common question asked about, is “should I create a Group or launch a Page”? Ever since FB launched their pages product as part of their larger advertising strategy in November 2007, there has been confusion over which to use. It’s important to understand this, so you are able to make the right decision based upon your requirements.


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8 Useful jQuery Plugins for Your Next Project

Over 40% of the websites are using jQuery and it is the most advanced JavaScript library these days used by several programs all around the globe. We people love jQuery. Every day there are new jQuery plugins available on the net. In this post I have gathered 8 jquery plugins to help your next project.


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Simple and Effective Way to Get More Facebook Fans

Facebook Fan pages are more powerful way to build a community and learn about your audience. However, now they’re also a great way to get more traffic and exposure your brand. Business fan pages make an easy way to interact with your clients by announcing them about the latest offers and updates. Today I’m going to discuss the simple and effective way to get more Facebook fans.


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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Website

Social media is an effective way to market yourself and your website. Social media has become a necessary tool in the online marketing. It is often making you feel like you are scattered all over the place. Social media and your website should work together to build your online presence. Here are some social media tools to promote your website.


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5 Great Free Chrome Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Google's Chrome Web Store is now up and running.There are both free and paid apps available on Google chrome app store. I have been playing around with quite a few Chrome Apps and I am already loving the experience with it.

Today, I will talk a few of my favorite Chrome applications.


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