Simple and Effective Way to Get More Facebook Fans

Facebook Fan pages are more powerful way to build a community and learn about your audience. However, now they’re also a great way to get more traffic and exposure your brand. Business fan pages make an easy way to interact with your clients by announcing them about the latest offers and updates. Today I’m going to discuss the simple and effective way to get more Facebook fans.


Use Appropriate Keyword

Facebook search will index your post if your Facebook page is public. Make sure your page and posts are optimized for popular keywords. This helps your Facebook page to appear in search engines, when someone searches for your name, company name, blog name or one of your products or services


Offer Exclusive Content

Facebook is more powerful than other social media sites. If you need to get your users attention you need to give something exclusive. You can run contests and ask the users to join the Facebook fan page in order to participate in the contest.


Place Facebook Like Button

Place Facebook Like plug-in in your blog post. So when the user clicks the like button it will appear in the user and their friend’s wall. It will let everyone knows your website.


Encourage Comments

Post question and regular post to interact with your users. Every time when the user posts comments it will appear in their wall and in their friend’s wall. It will make you to get more fans.


Post Regularly

You need to post regularly to keep in touch with your users. If you don’t post regularly then there are chances they might “Unlike” you page. So make sure you post regularly and post relative content in the fan page.


Join Groups

Join groups to your related business and participate their discussion forum. If any discussion related to your business, post or share your link. It will direct more traffic to your website and your fan page.


Make your Fan Page as Fans Forum

Users need more interaction with their page. No one will join where they do not have any interaction. One of the good way to get more fans to your page is let the users to express them self and post their thoughts.


Place a Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow you to advertise a website on Facebook, including pages, groups, and events. You can place ads on Facebook in weekly/monthly budget. When you advertise you can promote your site and it will help to gain more visibility on search results.


Use Facebook Apps

Using apps you can promote and communicate with your users. Here I have some application list.

1. Welcome Tab for Pages

2.Twitter Feed for Pages

3. Networked Blogs app

4. My LinkedIn Profile

5. Social RSS

6. CalliFlower

7. Introductions

Provide them reasons to join your Fan page. Make it exciting and worth to their time. And then encourage them to talk about you, to tag you and increase the eyeballs interacting with you online. The best way to learn is through trial and error. If you have any other methods please submit in our comments section.

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