9 Best jQuery Plugins for Your Next Project

There are many other JavaScript frameworks available, but jQuery is clearly the most popular. jQuery has made web design faster, it has a huge community of developers that create incredible things.  Today we have listed 9 Best jQuery Plugins for Your Next Project.


As the name says, Tabslet is a lightweight plugin for creating tabs faster. It supports next/previous controls, rotation, custom events, deep linking and there’s lots of other useful functionality. Check the demo to understand and use it for your next project if it suits your needs.


Readable helps to make sure your text blocks stay within the optimum parameters for maximum readability; too narrow or too wide makes your paragraphs harder to scan. The demo page explain to you clearly. 
Tooltipster is a A powerful, flexible jQuery plugin enabling you to easily create semantic, modern tooltips enhanced with the power of CSS. There are a wide range of configuration options, making it customisable for any scenario.


This handy plugin allows you to makes font-sizes flexible. FitText Designed to facilitate responsive headlines.


Croppic is an image cropping jquery plugin that will satisfy your needs and much more

Message Form

Message form is a simple character counter with message form. It is very useful for an applicaton sending message. 


Drift is a lightweight javascript plugin to easily add “zoom on hover” functionality to your site’s images.

Form Validation

FormValidation is a jQuery plugin to validate form fields. FormValidation is designed to use with: Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, Semantic UI, UIKit and others such as Skeleton etc.

Image Map Pro for Cornerstone

Image Map Pro comes with a fully featured web app to quickly create, edit and export your image maps. Using the app is super easy and a step-by-step guide is also included! Image Map Pro is the only plugin, which allows you to draw custom shapes. You can also use pins, custom icons, rectangles and ellipses.
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