35+ Fresh Responsive JQuery Image Sliders and Galleries Plugins Free

Most of the website requires some image gallery or slider solution. The slider focuses not only on images but also on a regular content and presenting everything in order. jQuery is the lightweight and powerful javascript library to make interactive web site. jQuery has a powerful community to make your development much easier. Today in this post you can find 35 + best jquery slider plugins below.

Jssor JQuery Slider Plugin


OWL Carousel


Mmenu - jQuery


Round Slider






WOW Slider – JQuery Image Slider


Adaptor – JQuery 3D Content Slider Plugin


MaxImage 2.0 – JQuery Cycle Plugin As Fullscreen Background Slideshow






Prism Effect Slider with Canvas


Perspective Mockup Slideshow





Wobbly Slideshow Effect


Draggable Dual-View Slideshow


Sliding Header Layout


Tiled Background Slideshow


Item Transitions


Tilted Content Slideshow


Responsive Horizontal Posts Slider


Interactive Particles Slideshow


Morphing Devices


Flipping Circle Slideshow


Responsive Image Slider in jQuery and CSS3


FSVS: Full-Screen Vertical Slider


SilverTrack: jQuery Sliding Carousel




Thumbnails Preview Slider with jQuery


Parallax Slider with jQuery


Rotating Image Slider with jQuery


Slit Slider


Simple Multi-Item Slider


StackSlider: A Fun 3D Image Slider


FilmRoll: jQuery Carousel

You can find more jQuery plugins and library  related list on beloe links

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