4 Tips for Taking Product Photos that will Increase Conversion Ratio

Your product photos have great influence over buyers’ decision, if this were not the case, and then people wouldn’t be spending significant amounts of money on package or logo design. Photography is one of the key players when it comes to influencing the buyer’s decision, and today you can rarely find a shopper who will pay for a product without any image next to its description. 


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Free Mobile App UI Kit

Sendesignz always help and share internet related resources to designers and developers. Today we glad to share latest collection of Free Mobile app UI kit. It will help to explore your knowledge of user interface design. You can adopt and evaluate these design patterns to your own needs.


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27+ Free Web UI Kits and Templates


Designers love UI Kits. They’re a great way to explore ideas. UI kits take the pain out of designers and front-end developers in design problem. They typically offer both a framework to underpin your layout, and a series of user interface elements to help convey meaning, functionality and user interaction. Today we roundup the best UI kits and Templates for you.


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35+ Fresh Responsive JQuery Image Sliders and Galleries Plugins Free

Most of the website requires some image gallery or slider solution. The slider focuses not only on images but also on a regular content and presenting everything in order. jQuery is the lightweight and powerful javascript library to make interactive web site. jQuery has a powerful community to make your development much easier. Today in this post you can find 35 + best jquery slider plugins below.


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How to Choose Best Social Media Channel for Your Business

Social media is really important. I don’t think anyone would argue about that. But most of the business owners or individuals  has confusion on  which social media sites should be on. Below I have given some points to understand which social media sites are best for your brand or business.


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