15 Free Bootstrap Starter Templates for Your Next Project

The Bootstrap is a popular framework among  with web designers. Because of its easy customization and support mobile first environment. It provides everything you need to get a design project off to a running start.We have collected 15 Bootstrap templates for you to use freely in your next project.


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19+ Pet Shop and Animal WordPress Themes

In this collection, we have pick up best responsive pet shop and animal related WordPress themes for pet site. These themes are suitable for pet shops, animal blogs, pet caretakers, dog walkers, animal breeders, animal rescue centers and just about any other type of animal website you can think of.


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16 Material Design Themes and Templates for Designers

Material design is the hottest trend in the web design industry. It started with Google guidelines. Google wants to unify their user interface. But today web designers adopt its principles, because it’s suits for simple flat design trend. To make it easier for you to choose, today we have compiled a list of wordpress, AngularJS and HTML5/CSS3 material design themes and templates. 


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20+ Flat UI Designs, Kits and Templates

With the popularity of flat design website most of the websites are following the trend. So web designers are adapting the clean and simple design. Today we have collection of Flat UI kits. Take a look at this collections and use in your projects. 


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4 Tips for Taking Product Photos that will Increase Conversion Ratio

Your product photos have great influence over buyers’ decision, if this were not the case, and then people wouldn’t be spending significant amounts of money on package or logo design. Photography is one of the key players when it comes to influencing the buyer’s decision, and today you can rarely find a shopper who will pay for a product without any image next to its description. 


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