How to Make Meetings and Communications More Effectively

I believe that one of the best ways to connect with people and build quality relationships is through making conversation. Although most people can hold a conversation, only a few are smooth and charismatic when they talk. On some level, we all consider ourselves great communicators. Some of us are excellent at it, while others have some room for improvement. For those of you who have some room for improvement, this one is for you.

Listen to your voice

Don’t speak too loudly or too softly. A high soft voice can make you sound like victim to an aggressive co-worker who is out to make his/her career at the expense of anyone else. Record your speech. Play it back. If you are unable to understand, others too will have difficulty in understanding your speech. Use a volume that is appropriate for the situation.    

Don’t be fast

Don’t talk fast. If you talk too fast you'll lose your audience because people will perceive you as nervous and unsure of yourself. At the same time, don’t speak so slow everyone is wondering when you are going to finish speaking. Take your time when you reflect on something and when you say it out loud. This will make you as centre.


Use dynamics

Don’t speak in monotone. Use dynamic in your conversation. You should raise, lower, soft and loud your volume when it’s necessary. Don’t just present the facts. Express your feelings about those facts. You can show your emotions it will help others to feel you are comfortable.


Pronounce well

Don’t speak Unclear. Don’t slur your words together or mumble. Speak slowly in clear words. Pronunciation is very important to improve communication skills. If you speak fast you might mispronounce, then you can’t convey the message. So choose moderate pace and tone while speaking.


Use appropriate words

The ability to talk smoothly has a lot to do with choosing the accurate words to convey your precise feelings or thoughts. Don’t swear or use slang when communicating with others. Develop your vocabulary. It will help you to express yourself more easily. Start a program of learning a new word a day.  Use it sometime in your conversations during the day. Use words only if you are sure of their meaning.


Look straight to the eyes

When you talk with others keep your eye contact.  Good eye contact will give an impact that you are seriously involved in the discussion. Communication skills not only are the speaking style of a person, it is actually the whole style of any one’s personality. If you are looking all over but in the eyes of your listeners, it will stimulate distrust. So make it as you want to be.  Just make sure to put your audience at ease by holding the gaze at times.


The power of body language

Use your body language.  Having an understanding of body language will help you be perceived better than others in a more professional way. Keep in mind that certain gestures and postures convey a certain attitude. Looking away or not making eye contact shows you are disinterested or distracted in what the other person is saying.


Be clear

Ensure that the rate, pitch and tone of your voice equate with your gesture. The two forms of expression must always be in harmony and never in conflict.


Be attentive

One of the most important personalities of a good communicator is being a good listener. Good listeners stay focused on the topic at hand and actually listen to what the other person is saying. The listening ability will automatically affects your communicating ability.  You should allow two way communications. Allowing others to speak and share their opinions and insights is part of effective communication.


Be patient

Always wait for your turn. When a person is speaking never interrupt him or her as this will shows how illiterate you are. Do not cut the sentences of the person who is speaking as you already know about that. Be patient while you are in a meeting and let others to complete.

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