9 Fresh Javascript Resources for Web Developers

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fresh javascript resources

JavaScript is growing fast, it’s becoming more native, but most importantly — it’s becoming more stable. It’s time for us to share another awesome list of  Fresh Javascript Resources for our fellow web developers. Please share with us your personal experiences with the javascript resource that you have used from our list as we would love to hear more input about the use cases for each individual library.



jQueryMy is a jQuery plugin to handle real-time two-way data binding. jQuery.my recognizes both standard HTML controls and complex composites created using rich ui plugins. It is equipped with validation, conditional formatting, and complex dependencies management which seems to make it a great – yet, lighter – alternative to an MV* framework like Backbone.js, and Vue.js


Developing a smooth page transition is a real painful work to do. We have to consider top to bottom of handling browser support for the History APIs, caching, pre-loading, as well as the animation to ensure it works as smooth and fast. SmoothState comes with all these in one package, allowing us to get the experience up and running in less time.


Infinite Scroll is a popular interface on the web where it pulls new content as we reach the bottom the page. Lavalamp is a JavaScript library, dubbed to replace Infinite Scroll. 


A JavaScript that detects mouse cursor when it is about to leave the view port which likely indicates that the user is going to quit. When it does, you can use it to trigger a function to show a subscribe form or a simple popup message to increase your conversion rate.


Ractive.js is a template-driven UI library, but unlike other tools that generate inert HTML, it transforms your templates into blueprints for apps that are interactive by default. Creating interactive application like experiences within the browser is not an easy task, it never was, but Ractive is one of those rare frameworks that help to bridge this gap and helps to build for a more seamless experience. 


React has definitely been a huge influencer for most of the reactive JavaScript frameworks we see in today’s development World, and Riot.js is no exception. In their own words, Riot.js is React-based UI library that focuses on micro functions.


Mithril is a client-side MVC framework. Its stands out with its flexible library size (7kb) as well as a prescient documentation that’s constantly updated with new contexts and approaches as the library itself progresses in development process.


Vue.js is very modest when it comes to describing itself as a framework, it prefers to use the term ‘library’ which then combined with other tools can be turned into a fully functional framework. Vue is for developing and creating modern and sleek web interfaces.If you love to create code that makes sense from the moment you look at it, then it’s definitely worth giving Vue a try.


D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS. Visuals, animation and graphics are an essential part of the web. Without the implementation of good graphics within our designs, we risk of portraying our designs as bleak and shallow, depending on the given circumstances. D3 is a data-driven visual component library that helps developers and designers to use JavaScript to build truly astonishing visual data reports, artworks, interactive bullet charts, sunburst diagrams, a variety of data matrixes, word clouds, and countless other types of data visualizations that will leave your customers inspired and pleased with the overall presentation. 
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