5 Ways to Find New Customers on Social Media Platform

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Finding customers on Social media platform is a new way of marketing. In fact, lot of companies already using this approach in order to generate sales and they are success. But selling on social media need some selling techniques so you can make them work. Today I will discuss 5 techniques to find customers using social media platform

Choose the social platform relevant to your business

The social media network is very big. So i will easily lost in that world. But effective marketing starts by choosing the correct social media platform. What I mean correct platform is where most of your prospects are very active

Here is some consideration when choosing the right platform for your business

  • Teenage Users are mostly active in Facebook and Instagram
  • 30-49 age people and B2B professionals are mostly active in LinkedIn
  • Fashion related business are mostly active in Pinterest and Instagram


Join or establish a community

Once you decide the social media platform for your business to use, next you should create a persona that your prospects can relate, like and trust. Since social media is all about creating connections and building relationship, any pushy sales tactics will reduce trust in you and push your target market away from your brand. You need to show to your prospects that your brand is coming from trustworthy resource.

Here is some consideration when you market your brand

  • Don’t spam commenting in all the post
  • Don’t add irrelevant link when you post or page


Connect with the right individual

Once you join the right group’s next target to find the right individual who is talking about your brand or service and connect with them. Comment on their post, re-tweet them and answer their question. It will help them to identify you and your brand. Most of the time they will follow back you.

Once both of you follow each other, it will take you to personal connection. So you can send them private message or email with self-introduction and your brand story. It will help to discuss your brand with them personally.


Follow relevant companies

Every small business has dream to work with big brands. If you have big brand in your customer list, it will boost your brand and profile.

All the big brands are now in social media. List down big brand which is related to you. You can follow them, read their current activities and news.

Next engage with them every possible way until they notify you and your business. It will open a door to sell your solution with them.


Join a Discussion

You need to very active, if you want to sell your business in Social media. Just a post and link will not get you a business. Selling social media means that you need to participate the discussion before you establish your brand. In the discussion give your group some valuable instructions. It will build trust on you.

Listen and respond what members are saying about your brand by closely monitor the conversation.


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