Best SEO Strategic for E-commerce Website Success in 2018

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e-commerce website seo strategic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves website visibility, engagement, retention, and rankings for enhancing search engine results and attracting relevant users towards products and services.

In this article, we will reveal the 10 game-changing practices that dominate SEO. By strategically applying these techniques, your website can gain the edge it needs to stay ahead of the competitive curve and return a healthy revenue.


Social Media Integration

Social media should play major role in coming years. So Social media integration is one of the most important part of the online website. Younger generation are spending more time on Social networking channels. Indeed, social channels have included purchasing products from social networking channels for online shopping. The rising pattern is set to increase gigantic footing by 2018, and thus, you should also pull up your socks and focus more on the social media integration.


Enable Product Reviews

One of the major reasons behind leaving your site without purchase is intrust. Even if a customer does end up selecting their choice, there is no reference material to validate the quality of their choice.
Adding customer reviews provides your potential leads the information they need to finalize their purchase. Reviews are regarded as reliable content by customers since they are provided by users who have previously purchased their choice of items and submitted honest responses absent of promotional intent. Customer reviews also serve as freely submitted, original content on your website which increases SERP ratings and enhances user experience.


Strengthen Mobile SEO

As an ever-increasing number of people are using smartphones and tablets for revelation, research and social shopping practices, the deals by means of cell phones are expanding. You must develop a solid mobile SEO to target and connect with a wider audience. In this way, your online e-commerce website can easily beat the online business destinations which overwhelm web seeks. Also, you should plan to launch an app for mobile users for their ease. You would see the difference in your sale as soon as the year hits


Utilize Product Images for SEO

Search engines’ algorithms enable image searches to allows users to find their required products and services. While many e-commerce stores tend to neglect the potential offered by optimizing images in their stores, modifying alt tags through the integration of relevant keywords is a proven strategy that can significantly enhance the crawlability your website content.


Optimize Meta Descriptions

While meta descriptions are not the deciding factor for search engine rankings, they can be optimized efficiently to increase the Click Through Rate (CTR), subsequently growing traffic. Here are a few ways meta descriptions can be optimized for maximum effect:

Self-Explanatory: Meta descriptions help users decide whether a website will provide the items they are searching for, and therefore should be written from a user’s point of view to boost CTR.

Concise: Use short and meaningful descriptions to leverage the average user’s reading preference. Limit the description under the benchmark 156-character limit to bolster maximum engagement.

Convincing in Nature: Meta descriptions should prompt an action from the customer through Call to Actions (CTR) and should persuade them towards purchasing products and services offered by your store, such as “Delivery Free for Orders over $80” or “Get Offer Now”.

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