Creating a Red Ribbon in Photoshop

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In this tutorial I will show you how to create sweet and simple ribbon with free tag in photoshop. As usual I have explained simple steps also for beginners.This is a good exercise you to learn, how to use blending options in photoshop. Hope you like this tutorial and share your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

Final Result



Create a new 550×300 pixels document. use background color transparent. see the below image to check your settings.




  • Create background color.
  • Select paint bucket from tools on your left side and then select foreground color from the tools and click on your page.



Create a new Layer. If you dont see the Layer goto Window -> Layers or Press F7




Select Rectangular marquee tool from left side, then select style as fixed Size and set the width :60px, Height: 150px.

see the below image to check your settings



Click on the image and fill the selected area using Paint bucket tool.
see the below image to check your setting




If you don't see the ruler you can click view and select rulers. 



  • Select Rectangular marquee tool from left side and select Fixed size 30 X 30 and click on the image.
  • Draw with ruler as below image




Select Polygonal Lasso Tool from left side.




Draw using Polygonal Lasso Tool as Below image




Press Delete Key to delete the selected area. You will get below image




Right click on the layer2(which you create the ribbon) and select blending options




select Gradient Overlay and click on the Gradient.




Set the Gradient colors as the image below and click OK. 



Select Line tool from Left side and draw the line in both ends of the ribbon. See the below image.



  • Select  Horizontal Type tool from Left side and type FREE and set the text color "4f0002". Then go to Edit -> Transform -> Rotate90 CW
  • keep the text on the ribbon.

Thats it!!. You will get a beautiful Ribbon with FREE tag.

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