Common Web Designs Mistakes You Should Not Do

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Your Options are wide open when you start designing a website, But you should follow some web design standard when you design a website. Because all the business are getting benefit from a quality websites. Here I have listed most common mistakes you should not do when you design a website.


Do not use multicolour background with unreadable text color.  

Try to use few color combinations, rather than confusing and making users leave your website instantly. 

If you have lot of text information, do not use dark background and light text color which strains the human eyes. 

Do not use light text on light background, because it makes harder for the users to read.


Do not use fancy fonts which are unreadable. When you design a web page you feel some fonts are more relevant to your website, but be sure that they are readable.

Do not use small fonts. If you want your visitors to read your content, go for 12 or 13px Arial and 11 or 12px Verdana.  

Do not use multi font family in your website. It will give an impression of unprofessional.


Do not use large images in your page. If you really need to use large images use thumbnails. If user likes to have a larger version they may click on thumbnail.
Do not avoid using ALT attribute for image. You need to consider the blind users who use screen readers to surf the web. Make sure your texts are short and clear, of course it is a big benefit in SEO.
Use transparent .PNG Images if its fix with older browsers. IE 6 does not support transparent images.


Do not give excessive information in one place. Most of the web readers are scanning but not reading. If you give lot of information they get tired of reading it. So do not give large block of text. Include bullet points, headers, sub headers and lists. Include anything that will help the reader to filter the content.

Most of the users visit your website through the help of the search engines. Search engines like header tags. So make sure you Include header tags for your titles.

Give some space in each paragraph, it will be more attractive to your text and it will increase the readability.
Do not align center to all the texts in your website.


Do not develop flash based websites. Not only it will slow down your website but search engines will not recognize too. But of course for the sites of art or music it is an exception.
Do not use lot more animation unless you have advertising banners or something that required animation.


Do not auto-play music. If you want to play music let user controls it. You should include “Play” “Stop” and “pause” options. 

Browser Compatibility

Do not develop your website only for one browser. Your users will browse from different browsers. Not all browsers are rendering the same way. So make your website compatible with most used browsers. At least your website should support IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Otherwise you will lose your readers and customers.


Do not make your contents navigation invisible.  Your navigation should let users direct to the content which they are looking for.
Do not let the users click more than two or three times to get in to the content. If they can not find the content within three clicks they will get frustrated and leave your website quickly.
Let users know which page they are in. This will give them a very good usability boost in any site.


Do not avoid including links on your footer. Most of the users scroll down and check whether they have any useful links available. So at the very last you should include links to contact page and about us page.
Make visited links noticeable. Make sure you change the colour for visited links. It is easier to identify to users which link they have already visited.
Make links visible to visitors. Separate links form your text. You can underline and use different colour to separate links from text.
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