5 Color Choices to Avoid in Your Website

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Are you in the process of creating a new website for your business? When it comes to web design, colors play a vital role in increasing conversions, reducing bounce rate and ensuring a smooth user experience. We often see websites compromising on readability by using light-colored text on light backgrounds. Also, it’s never “ok” to use red and green in excess, even if you’re making a Christmas-themed website. Here are 5 website color choices to avoid when design your website.

Never use “K” black

Particularly if you cross between print and web projects frequently – as many designers do – pure black can slip into web projects by mistake. Known as “K” black in print projects, because it only use one plate or “Pure” black (#000000) in digital projects, this color is just flat. Pure black doesn’t exist in the real world. Think about reality, all combinations of black are actually filtered with other hues to give it that richness. Moreover, black text on white background is difficult to read. Try cod grey (#111111) or similar color on text


Red and green don’t play well together

Red and green need at least one other color separating them. Because for users with deuteranopia (a form of color blindness) it’s difficult to distinguish between them. Moreover, these colors are opposite end of the color wheel and naturally clash.


Neon colors in UI elements

Neon colors can be fun, spunky and add a lot of pop to a design. Unfortunately, they are incredibly hard on the eyes, giving users that “teared up” feeling where everything hurts to look at. The problem with neons is that they are too bright to read with ease and cause problems paired with dark or light backgrounds. Only use neon colors in artistic illustrations. As user interface elements or text neons are not setting best.


Light colors on white backgrounds

With the recent increase of header background image there are more light-on-light or dark-on-dark mishaps than ever before. This is one of those mistakes that happens all of the time. maybe it is because of certain screen settings that make it workable, but light on light color combinations just don’t cut it. Try adding a darkening layer to your header images if your heading is white


Bright colors with brighter colors

Just like light on light, and combination of similar color saturations will cause issues. It should go without saying, but avoid them. If you think this won’t happen to you, be careful when you use monotone color schemes. That’s when designers tend to slip up here. Approach bright colors usage with minimalism and legibility in mind


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  1. Fazal Hussain

    June 1, 2018 7:55 am

    Colors indeed has big role in determining success of any website because apart from website’s visibility colors also play crucial role how people perceive a website as a whole for instance blue color is believed to be more trustworthy and people psychology tells them to trust more to a website which has more density of a blue color in it. There are many interesting facts about how colors impact business and overall psychology of a human being. Check this interesting info-graphic.
    “Power of Colors: How Each Color Affects Our Brain and Brain”


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