How to Choose Best Social Media Channel for Your Business

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Social media is really important. I don’t think anyone would argue about that. But most of the business owners or individuals  has confusion on  which social media sites should be on. Below I have given some points to understand which social media sites are best for your brand or business.

Who are my audience. Begin with Your Audience

The primary question to ask, who are my target audience. Social media strategies are nothing without targeting a specific audience. On social media, Friends, Fans and followers are your audience. These are the people give brand awareness through word of the mouth and shere your content. Your audience will have certain characteristics that make them the ideal customers for your brand. Identify these characteristics and leverage them on social media.
Ask below question yourself, if you don’t have a solid idea about your audience.
Who need my product?
Who will gain value from my product?
What demographic does my market currently target?
Who am I best equipped to sell to?
These questions can help you identify where you fit in your product’s market,

Identify  where is my audience active?

Big numbers doesn’t mean big activity. A social media user needs to be active on a social media site in order for them to be of any use to you. For example, if your target demographic is people between the ages of 18 and 29, your ideal social media platforms might be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
Watch your competitors, see which social media platforms they’re using and how it’s working for them. The important point to note is that, do they generate a large response? Do users share their content? May your competitors fail on a social media site due to their own mistakes and not because they’re using the wrong platform. Use your own judgment to gain an accurate view of what’s working and not working for the competition.
Tap into your existing network of friends, family, and coworkers to feel out which social media sites they use the most. Many users might have a profile on a certain site but don’t actually use it. Find out the networking habits of your target demographic, and angle your marketing strategy toward the platform that will most likely get a response.

Understand How Each Platform Operates

Each platform has its own strength and comes with its own set of rules and expectations. Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters. LinkedIn consumers expect more business-related content.  On Instagram  brands should master posting relevant images with compelling captions and custom hashtags.Perfecting your social media efforts can go a long way toward being heard by the right people at the right time – instead of being cast out as a social media newbie. You should learn how to optimize your brand’s presence on social media. So you can make brand awareness. If you use social media in a wrong way it will hurt your brand as well. 

What social media sites are right for me?

Some businesses are missing out on a deluge of warm leads, because they are absent from niche social media sites. Your friends may suggest you to join some social media sites, because they get all their leads from those sites. But that doesn’t mean that your business needs to be there. You should check, What kind of business do they have? If they are a fashion business, and found a social media site for fashion, then they’ve obviously find the right social media site. But if you’re a SaaS business, you won’t gain as many leads from fashion social media sites.


Once you’ve chosen your best bets, join your networks of choice and start navigating the virtual social sphere. Remember that being on too many social media channels can affect your productivity and your results. Knowing which platforms to focus on can really help your business.
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