5 Rules to Build Successful Website

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build Successful website

When you decided to start a new web project, what do you think for the first step? Are you looking for inspirational websites? or do you think about the website functionalities in first place? If you are thinking about the design and coding, most probably you should ready to accept the disappointment in the end.

Not because you did the bad job. But your new website fails because of the lack of focus. When you consider on design and coding more you will ignore or forget the purpose of the new website.

Excellent design and code are necessary but most importantly you need the plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. To Build Successful Website you need better plan in first place.


Building your Plan

If you don’t spend time to reach and build the strategy for your new website you cannot build successful website, so you may end up with your old inspiration and idea. But web design industry growing very fast. Nowadays website can do more than a digital brochure.

For any business, their website is the hub of all their marketing efforts, on and off-line, whether they realize it or not. It’s often the first contact point with the customer.

Reach says 81% of shoppers do online research before buying, and if your client is in the B2B market that number jumps up to 94%. With those kind of numbers, it’s imperative you, and your client, understand how to communicate with the ideal customer.


Set Goals

A great brand experience for your customers is the result of setting concrete goals that meet both user and business targets. Having concrete, measurable website goals will help you ensure your website is truly serving as a tool to help your readers.

Your goals will be your guide line for the website. They will guide you through your strategy sessions, your initial build, and your client’s long term marketing initiatives. They’ll allow you to identify what was a success so you can replicate what worked. They’ll also show you where you missed the mark and by how much.


Customer Character

Business need customers. Every business has different customer base. Very first thing before the plan you should understand the customer character is a detail profile of a unique individual who will represent a part of the customer base. The goal is to develop an understanding of who their customers are.

Each person has unique needs and challenges. If you go detail you will understand them well. This will allow you to tailor your content, messaging, landing pages, and strategy for each persona group.


Buyer Strategy

Once you have a solid foundation for the ideal customer, you will need to understand the buying stage. Not everyone who arrives on your client’s website will be ready to buy.

Most of the customers searching for their needs or problems without knowing the solution. Some customers know what is the solutions. But searching for the best option.

Majority of the customers buy product or service, if the vendor educates them properly in early decision making stage. So your content strategy will be more personal and detail.


Content Strategy

Once you have good understanding of the client’s customers’ needs you can foam the content strategy. Every piece of your content will generate lead. So stay focused on what is necessary for the customer progressing further down the buyer’s journey.

When you are creating a content, please remember that you are generating to individual person not for the crowed. You can have 10,000 visitors per day. But you are talking to individual. You’re never talking to a crowd.


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