8 Don’ts to Experience Better Social Media Marketing

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Marketers should be aware don’ts more than do’s When it comes to social media marketing. So they can implement proper communication strategies. Over the time Organizations recognized the importance of social media to grow their status through marketing and brand communication strategies.

Don’t be fake

Social media is basically a black wall for people to hide behind it. But you’ve got to admit, it’s exhausting to try to keep up appearances. Be yourself. Your friends sent requests based on the real you. That’s who they want to see online.

Don’t believe everything you read

If social media is your primary source for news, don’t stay only once source. If Facebook is your favourite and primary source  You should  branch it out to other source. Consider the author of each post, article or blog you read—and read it carefully—before accepting information as truth and stamping your approval on the content.

Don’t avoid other tasks

Hopping on Instagram for a few minutes is fun. Scrolling for an hour is a waste of time. Make sure your social media use isn’t simply a diversion from other more important things like chores and relationships. We have to maintain balance.

Don’t have multiple profiles

Can you live two separate lives? Maintaining multiple profile also hard as living two separate lives.. This doesn’t mean that everything is all or nothing and you have to live your life as an open book. But it does mean that if you’re going to be on a particular network that you familiarize yourself with the security settings so you can know what you’re posting publicly and privately.

Don’t try to be everywhere all the time

If you have a few free hours everyday, then by all means, try every social network out there. But let’s be realistic, that’s not the case. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick one or two social networks for starters and go from there. Personally, I’d recommend building a personal profile on LinkedIn and a Facebook Business Page.

Don’t be needy

No one likes someone who is asking help everytime. Don’t ask your Twitter followers to “retweet this tweet please.” Don’t beg your Facebook friends to come “Like” your page. You can still accomplish those tasks, but learn how to disguise them. I suggest rather be creative and post creative things. So you will get more likes and followers.

Don’t over share

At that same token of consistently, don’t over-share. With Twitter, you can tweet a half dozen times per day and be fine. With Facebook Business Page, once a day should be enough. The same goes for LinkedIn too.

#Don’t #Abuse #Hashtags

Hashtags are a good way to help get your tweets and Facebook posts categorized with similar content so when someone searches for that keyword, they find you. This does not mean that you turn every word into a post a hashtag.
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