19 Most Useful AngularJS Module/Plugins for Your Development

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AngularJS is most popular JavaScript framework for frontend UI. There are a lot of directives, services and modules available for front end developers to use and solve the issues quickly. Today We have listed 19+  Most Useful AngularJS Plugins for Your Development. 

In our previous post we have listed 9 Best AngularJS IDE Plugins/Extensions Tool for Developers. These IDE’s improve the way you code with your favourite code editor.

UI Bootstrap

This repository contains a set of native AngularJS directives based on Bootstrap’s markup and CSS. As a result no dependency on jQuery or Bootstrap’s JavaScript is required. Each of the components provided in ui-bootstrap have documentation and interactive Plunker examples.


This angular-datepicker module contains several features like year view, month view, only date view, hours view, minutes view, input as datepicker, input with formatted value and  date-range picker


A complete AngularJS service with controllers and templates for generating application modals and dialogs for use with Angular-UI-Bootstrap and Twitter Bootstrap. Supports, i18n, language translations for dialog headers, messages and buttons via angular-translate.


A List of validators for Angular 2 Forms based on validator.js. This module still in development and PRs are so welcome to the develop branch


NG Numbers Only – Input number in a easy way in AngularJS Apps


ng2d3 is an Angular2 component for creating reusable, composable charts. The sauce behind this library is it uses Angular2 for drawing and constructing the SVG’s. Under the hood it utilizes D3 for various utility functions and math. It was built for modern browsers using TypeScript, CSS3, SVG, HTML5 and Angular ~2.0.0


Lightweight Angular directive to upload files with optional FileAPI shim for cross browser support


AngularJS Library for Drag and Drop, its supports Sortable and Draggable and Its not using JQuery/JQuery UI. Moreover its Supports Touch devices.


Checks if one input matches another. Useful for confirming passwords, emails, or anything.


ng-Autocomplete is a simple AngulasJS directive for adding google places autocomplete to a textbox element


A minimal looking, easy to implement directive for AngularJS that lets you quickly add autocomplete boxes (for local or remote JSON data) to your pages with no dependency on other libraries. Its deliberately minimal looking so you can easily customise it with just a few lines of CSS.


A simple Angularjs directive for Highcharts. Features includes
  • Adding and removing series
  • Setting/Updating Chart options
  • Updating the chart title
  • 2 way binding to chart xAxis
  • Control of Loading status
  • Resizes with screen size changes.


Angular.js Directives “are a way to teach HTML new tricks”. Directives are Angular’s way of extending HTML to create new elements and functionality. Directives hide the complexity and code that is necessary to create d3.js, and nvd3.js charts, which makes adding charts to an Angular.js application quicker, and simpler than typical methods.


Restangular is an AngularJS service that simplifies common GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests with a minimum of client code. It’s a perfect fit for any WebApp that consumes data from a RESTful API.


ng-table directive allow to liven your tables. It support sorting, filtering and pagination. Header row with titles and filters automatic generated on compilation step.


Smart table is an Angularjs module to easily display data in a table with a set of built in features such filtering,sorting, etc in a declarative way.


A directive to aid in paging large datasets while requiring the bare minimum of actual paging information. We are very dependant on the server for “filtering” results in this paging scheme. The central idea being we only want to hold the active “page” of items – rather than holding the entire list of items in memory and paging on the client-side.


A lightweight, flexible, and tasty collection of reusable UI components for AngularJS, like grandma used to make.


ag-Grid is a JavaScript Data Grid for Building Enterprise Web Applications
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