AngularJS learning Guide

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AngularJS is one of the powerful javascript front-end development framework for building modern JavaScript apps. But learning AngularJS is not easy task. Because of the complicated documentation. Today I will share some self-learning guide that will motivate you to continue to pursue higher levels of Angular expertise.

I’m not going to tell you that learning is so head. But before you start, you should have some knowledge in Javascript. I don’t recommend learning AngularJS without at least a basic understanding of JavaScript.


Roadmap to Learn AngularJS

I have listed free resource to get fundamental knowledge


Step 1: Shaping Up With AngularJS

When you try to learn something, it’s better do hands-on with it as fast as possible. It will make you so happy and engaged. So first you need to reduce configuration steps and getting up and running quickly.

This online course is a well-structured. In this course, you can build a simple app. While you are developing the app, you’ll learn about some of Angular’s powerful features, such as Directives, two-way data-binding, Services, and so forth.


Step 2: PhoneCat Tutorial App

Once you have some basic knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to developing Angular apps.

In the PhoneCat Tutorial App, you will be creating a smartphone directory app. You’ll learn intermediate- and advanced-level Angular concepts such as unit-testing, E2E tests, Directory and File Organization, template, routing, Filters, and more.

Please spend some time on these tutorials, you will get real understanding of the framework.


Step 3: AngularJS Developer Guide

Now you are well-equipped with AngularJS knowledge. It’s now time to dig deeper into the details. Now read the official Developer Guide.

The Developer Guide will dive into the full features and capabilities. Many newcomers probably started with this guide and they stop learning Angular because of the complicated detail.


Step 4: Angular Style Guide by John Papa

You can learn a lot by reading these guides. Style guide is an opinionated documentation of guidelines and best practices for producing readable, high-quality code.

There are several excellent Angular style guides out there, but this one is worth highlighting because it’s endorsed by the Angular team.


Step 5: AngularJS Application Architecture

This series will demonstrate how to organize and tool your application for real work. It’s an opinion. A way that has worked on our own projects. Use it as a guide for building the solution that best suits the needs of your projects. All projects are different, but with the right set of modular tools you can build a foundation for success.


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